Mobile Tracker Software: Let's Get Ready For Digital Parenting


I had a very good relationship with my niece. When she hit puberty she and her parents went through a very tough patch. I was there as a linking bridge between them. She and her parents were not on the same page regarding some social behaviors and habits. She wanted to do things in her own way. While the parents wanted to have the upper hand and thought that they knew better. So this imbalance of power and control messed things up. She even transferred her one semester to my town and stayed with me. In the whole matter, I remember I acted like an immature girl and took her side. Though it was in one way a sensible move still I could do better. I should have handled this whole matter more sensible and as a mature person. More importantly, I should have tried to think like her parents. But Alas. I did not. Now that I have my own kid and she is pretty much acting the same and unfortunately my niece is playing supporting the role I played in her life, I am stuck. I think this is a punishment to hurt my sister. So I thought of going to her directly to ask her how did she get out.

I will skip the whole part when after listening to my whole confession she had a good laugh. The important thing is she is much more aware of the latest technology and gave me many tips about digital parenting. At the end of the meetup, I was happy that I took the courage to come to her and ask her for help. She gave me a tip about the weapon that she did not have in her time but today's parents can use it and get the benefit.

Here are the details about the tips that I got for effective parenting of the digital generation.

·         She took me by surprise in the strat when she simply asked me to eliminate smart gadgets and the internet from the kid's life. Of course, it is impossible.  At that time I thought that maybe she is joking and may I wasted my 2-hour road trip to her because I am not getting anything real from her.

·         But then she said of course it is not possible to completely eliminate smart devices from the life of today's teens. Then the other way out is that you should have a 24/7  report about the online and smart gadget activity of the kid. That too was almost impossible. As kids these days don't add parents to their Facebook and Instagram accounts, how can I even imagine knowing about their 24/7 screen activity. I was about to leave after yelling but she laughed and told me to sit down. At that time I was convinced that she was just toying with me and having fun. But then came the important part.

·         She told me to get a mobile tracker software and a computer monitoring software for the kids.

·         This technology is alike a secret helping hand from God for today's parents.

·         All you need to do is select an app and get it installed in the target teenagers' devices when you have physical access to it.

·         Keep in mind that you should have physical access to the device at the time of installation. Once installed you can handle everything remotely without any hurdles.

·         ‘You can track their live location with the help of the location tracking feature.

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·         You can know to whom they frequently call and text with the call log and text log feature.

·         You can manage their screen time as well as many mobile tracker software let the users use know about their screen activities in the form of screenshots and short videos.

·         The app also let the parents know about online activities like web browsing history tracking, social media monitoring, instant messenger chat app monitoring and more.

·         At first, I didn’t believe that such technology exists in real. But she told me that she is using the app for her youngest kid.

Though she was not using mobile tracker software. She invested in a paid version named the TheOneSpy that offers excellent services.